Jun 26
Giacomo Degl'Innocenti Sviluppo App Mobile

Just to start giving life to something, I start a series of writings in relation to my view of the world and of my ideas.

In this first paper, I want to talk about my ideas on technology.

Start by saying that currently the technological potential available to humans is very large compared to the past, to the point that what we have are almost superpowers. We constantly have smartphones with us, that they have become an integral part of our person, and allow us to communicate instantly with the whole world. Application development and software that allow an increasing share of their lives, from tweets to the live streaming more and more present, in both private and business, is making sure that the experiences that we live in person can really achieve virtually any other being human. This is almost telepathic.

The real world, always has limitations. Going to pay the bills until a few years ago it was necessary to make long queues at the post office, or rely on banking systems outside of its control. Currently, with internet services, operations that until recently required time and real places, can now be easily performed by any of our possession device. This type of service should be able to expand until it reaches the highest levels of utility to man, then increase the amount of software that can help man in his everyday life, social and democratic. Since the hardware is now available to everyone (exceptional case are the underdeveloped countries, for which, I argue, is needed for economic recovery policy as a first priority of the instead developed countries) what is needed is simply to do good software that can help our brains and lighten the workload. This can be done by developing for smartphones and web applications, to assist man in his ruotinary operations. We then can define different groups or categories of applications:

  • Virtualization applications
    Allow to carry out operations that would normally require the presence of an individual at a given location from the convenience of your phone wherever you are.
    For example: instead of standing in line at an office, once took your number, you can follow the progress of the queue on your phone as well being close to the park office, and presenting only when called.
  • Applications for managing Life / motivation
    Allow to be guided in their routine by an assistant always ready to advise the right moments … Wake up early, play sports, go shopping, get gas, to plan their journeys, everything becomes dependent on an algorithm that can advise best times and reminding you when to do what.
    In this category also end all resolution of specific problems applications that may need psychologically or emotionally. #reactor
  • Social applications
    Overflight, as already well known to many.
  • Democracy applications
    In my dreams, a direct democratic country, it is possible. Citizens are often called upon to vote in the referendums that can easily be enjoyed from your phone, without having to go to electoral offices and then save the state a lot of money. In addition, citizens can easily participate in signatures, or say their opinion and be heard by their transparently political. Bring the state in the hands of citizens then.

It is possible to do a lot and give a lot to the citizens of the world, though, much has already been done.



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